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Addition, Extension, & Renovation of Existing Home with EDA Co.

In order to live in a comfortable home, proper repairing and renovation is a must from time to time. Additionally, extension and additions are also required when your family is growing or for your own comfort and a great lifestyle. Whether adding another level to your existing home or expanding your bedroom or renovating your kitchen from simple to modular, EDA Constructions is one of the best names for addition, extension, and renovation over last 20 years. We offer a comprehensive solution to all our clients, right from the building upgrades to complete project management.

Addition & Extension

Are your family growing and a additional storey is in your mind? Or do you wish to change your existing floor plans to suit your particular needs? Now, you can expand your home to create extra living space as per your taste with our expert building designers working at your project. Our experienced and knowledgeable designers offer you with right solutions to all your space requirements.

Our team of experts draws their wide-ranging knowledge, using innovative technology and cutting-edge techniques to offer all our clients with economical and long-term solutions. With EDA Constructions, you can find a set of services that completely focus on resolving glitches and planning and preparing ahead.


Renovating your home can include brick veneering or addition of a façade feature, rendering or re-cladding and any kind of addition or removal of some of the features at your existing home. Do you wish to get that feeling of entering into a new home without any additional costs of demolishing and moving out? EDA Constructions has a professional team to offer you with all renovation services and help you succeed in upkeeping the quality of your property. With a diverse and versatile team focussing in building, plumbing, electrical, and other general services, we help our clients with all renovation tasks – small and big.


One-Stop Company for Designs, Approvals, Constructions and Project Management

Every structure needs to begin with a proper design and concept. Searching for the right architect or building designer and then getting the developments and building approvals from your local council can be quite a painful task. But, that’s the way the chain works. Whether residential projects or commercial projects, when the 3rd party gets involved in the construction process, it can lead to several problems and confusions. EDA Constructions has over 20 years’ experience understands the complete chain and offers you comprehensive design, approvals, and construction services. Now, you don’t need to worry about getting the right architect or designer or run after the council for months for various DA, CDC approvals, etc. We take care of everything with equal importance and start the construction so that you can move in sooner.


We have a team of experienced Architects that design beautiful new homes and commercial project…

Council Approvals

Our experienced team evaluate the design layout against the relevant Council Town Plan, arrange for…


We complete the entire process for you. Our team consist of the consultants required to…

Project Management

EDA Constructions has project management knowledge and skilful for serving as the overall project manager…

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